Assistant Event Planner

The Assistant Event Planner is the heart of the event planning process. This dynamic role is wholly responsible for smooth execution of our client's events. At the epicenter of creativity and logistics, this role is responsible for ensuring the team has a plan of attack when bringing our events to life!

Reporting Structure: The Assistant Event Planner reports to the Executive Event Planner/Director of Public Relations.

Roles & Responsibilities:

•   Solely responsible for the day-of and weeks leading to an event--Logistical plan, event inventory, etc.

•   Assist the Director of Public Relations/Executive Event Planner with the daily tasks pertaining directly to event preparation and execution

•   Communicate with event vendors--caterers, photographers, venue point-of-contact, etc.

•   Responsibility and management of the day-of logistical plan for clients and the #PolishedTeam 

•   Assist with the development of event budget

•   Assist with the maintenance of the Polished Event Network

•   Other tasks as assigned  

Candidate Requirements:

•   High school diploma or GED equivalent

•    Deep passion for event planning and execution

•   Excellent communication and organizational skills, with an ability to prioritize time sensitive tasks

•   Excellent collaborative team-based skills

•   Proficient in Microsoft Suite and Google Applications

•   Creative and Flexible

•   Familiarity with social networking sites, will also train

Compensation: The Assistant Event Planner is a part time, at-will, paid-by-event position. Candidates will enter a probationary period of a specified time determined at hire.

To Apply: Submit resume and cover letter to