Graduation parties are the perfect way to celebrate your accomplishments with friends and family. You've worked hard your entire life, it’s time to show it off! Here are some ideas to keep your special day memorable, not only for you, but for your guests as well.

Instagram Sign

Get your party trending with instagram! Create a quirky hashtag for your party and have your guests use the hashtag when they post pictures on social media. It will encourage your guests to take pictures, and you’ll have a way to collect all of those pictures from your party without having to ask people for them post event. Get your free printable at  The Thinking Closet 

Selfie Station

Image Via  Aisle Perfect

Image Via Aisle Perfect

“Wait. Let me take a selfie” is commonly heard in modern culture, so why not bring today’s trend to your graduation party? Find a space in your venue that would be perfect for snapping a selfie, and deem it the selfie station. Make a cool backdrop to encourage your guests even more. This will also put your hashtag into a lot more motion!

Unique Food Bar

Images via  The Knot Blog

Images via The Knot Blog

A unique food bar is a tasty and great conversation starter. Try something unconventional like a grilled cheese bar or a pasta bar. Your guests will be more than pleased to be able to create their own food item!

2015 Cupcake Display

Via Beaux & Belles

Via Beaux & Belles

Make your cake/cupcake display your statement piece at your party! Use cupcakes to make a 2015 cupcake display, mixing and matching colors and flavors of your favorites! Add your graduation picture as the background display to make it even more special.

Jenga Memory

Instead of the traditional guestbook and signature picture, use blank jenga pieces and have guests sign with memories of you during your school experience. This is functional AND memorable.

Sky Lanterns

Have your guests write down or recite wishes for you, and release sky lanterns when the sun sets. Well wishes with sky lanterns are an epic way to end the party, or just get it started!

Giant Photo Wall

Photo via  Tidy Mom  

Photo via Tidy Mom 

Share your education experience with your guests. Showcase photos of you during school, growing up, or even at the graduation ceremony. This is a way to make your event more personal and give your guests plenty of questions to ask you!

Signature Drink

Photo via  BuzzFeed

Photo via BuzzFeed

What better way to finish off your educational experience than with a drink? A signature drink of course! Find a unique drink recipe that matches your color scheme. You'll have a memorable party and a lot of happy guests.